The new GT4 Italy website has been launched: the show is also online!

The new GT4 Italy adventure is ready to start, with a season that promises to offer extraordinary battles on the track with the presence of extremely prestigious and highly competitive Teams and Drivers. To enhance what the track has to offer, Formula X Racing Weekend is launching a new website completely dedicated to the category, with all the news on the new reality that boasts the official license from the SRO Motorsports Group.

Rankings, results, drivers market, press releases and a special area dedicated to participants, where it will be possible to formalize all the registration procedures for events quickly and intuitively. There will also be a section dedicated to communication, with spectacular photos and videos of the protagonists in action, as well as live streaming of all the races scheduled during the season. All with the unmistakable style that has always distinguished Formula X, creator of a dynamic and innovative way of narrating Motorsport.

Welcome to the show: we look forward to seeing you on

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